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The advancement of weapons changes how wars are fought, but leadership, training, moral, and most importantly, political strategy dictate how wars are won.

First, a empirical perspective of wars must be considered.

The Center for Platelet Research Studies is an internationally recognized multidisciplinary center for the study of platelet function by state of the art methods.

The Center undertakes basic, translational, and clinical research, including clinical trials of drugs, devices, and tests.

In addition to the pursuit of our academic interests, we perform studies in collaboration with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and instrumentation companies.Nonetheless, it is evident that this advancement did not help predict the outcome of any battle; it only revised how the battle would be fought.As George Raudzens, a professor of history at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia, states in his paper, “[advances in weapons] brought huge changes in the nature and methods of war, but little advantage to innovators since their competitors quickly imitated each new weapon….However, what happens if the invention of a weapon with a higher rate of fire, such as a machine gun, comes about?Suddenly this idea of concentrating men in a slow moving column is rendered utterly useless.

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Though the study of Russia provides an interesting case in military history, it is no anomaly.

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