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Inside the factory, the Mane-iac uses the Electro-Orb to power her doomsday device, which resembles a cross between a large pink blowdryer and a cannon.

The Mane-iac says she will use the cannon to amplify the power of her mane by "one million times", expelling an energy blast that will cause everyone in Maretropolis's mane to grow wild.

Spike says that she used to be the power-mad owner of a hair-care product company until she accidentally fell into a vat of green liquid and was electrocuted by a downed power line.

The accident gave her strange new powers—such as a prehensile, stretchable mane—and caused her to go insane.

She then takes the Power Ponies prisoner but leaves Spike/Hum Drum alone, considering it pointless to capture him.As she gives her victory speech to her followers, Spike traps some of her henchponies and helps in freeing his friends.Just before the Mane-iac can use her weapon on Fluttershy/Saddle Rager, a firefly enters her line of fire, and she swats it.Another page shows the Mane-iac breaking into the Maretropolis Museum and stealing something called the Electro-Orb.When Spike and his friends are sucked into the comic book world of Maretropolis and become the Power Ponies, they witness the Mane-iac steal the Electro-Orb from the Maretropolis Museum.

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At the start of Power Ponies, Spike shows Twilight Sparkle a couple of pages of a Power Ponies comic book on which the Mane-iac is depicted.

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