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I’d also rather see a threatening or graphic text than live in ignorance about it, but I understand the appeal for women (or men! A utilities company in Vermont has detected evidence of Russian malware, according to a report this evening from The Washington Post, which cited anonymous US officials.

) who deal with unwanted attention or negative messages. But maybe in the near future, bots will be doing all our bidding for us — ordering a pizza, a car, and a new boyfriend after our respective bots hit it off. The code is said to be connected to a Russian hacking outfit the US...

The company created the bot based off and has it running a natural language processing engine to reply to messages.

As for Ghostbot’s responses, a screenwriter crafted the replies after analyzing text exchanges between daters and the people they wanted to cut off.

I told a friend about Ghostbot, and he suggested that he’d know a robot was responding. You know the trope in Sherlock-esque detective shows where some brilliant sleuth cracks a case by drawing on their nigh-photographic memory?

Well, one of the most fascinating and terrifying things about augmented reality glasses is that they turn e...

Note that the text bubbles switch sides in Burner: Burner says our tester bot didn’t respond as naturally as it will following the launch and that the bot will eventually end conversations before they start going in circles.

I applied a facial recognition program to the photos to identify face structures I typically find attractive.

Is an artificially intelligent app the solution to perfect intimacy?

It's a step in the right direction, and certainly better than Tindering at the bar.

Burner — a company that lets people create temporary phone numbers — markets itself as an option for online daters (or journalists) who have yet to vet matches in person.

Today, the company is launching a new experiment in modern dating called Ghostbot.

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I go crazy watching my friends, faces buried in their phones, scroll through Tinder at the bar: There’s so much supply that millennials can't seem to organize the sensory overload — or know when to walk away from it.

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