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“Rapelay” was created for a small segment of the domestic “eroge” market, and was never licensed for sale overseas.

Yet when a ring of software pirates cracked the game and sold it through Amazon’s UK website, the media backlash that followed was swift and vicious.

A company called Hacker was even making “unlicensed” erotic games for the Nintendo Famicom Disk System.

Such was the demand that the NEC PC98 used compatibility with such games to beat off its competition and emerged as Japan’s primary computing platform in the ’80s and most of the ’90s, until Windows 95 came along.

Since there was no system in place for distributing adult-themed software, J-List had to create a distribution network to sell the games to shops. “We’ve been able to make a profit from every game we’ve licensed,” Payne says.

“We’ve been bringing out some really awesome games, which have done extremely well in the Japanese marketplace…

Earlier in the year, a major controversy erupted around the game “Rapelay,” which was released by the Yokohama-based company Illusion in 2006.

S., and the feminist group Equality Now sent letters of protest to the publisher calling for the title to be banned.In essence, dating simulators are interactive visual romance novels.Dating simulation market worth Y25 billion The 25 billion yen dating simulation market comprises some 200 makers who account for 400 brands.“We’ve been really happy to see the way fans outside of Japan have learned about this wonky but fun culture of adult dating-sim games and embraced it,” says Peter Payne, 41, founder of online web shop J-List.“At first it was an uphill battle with each customer as we explained what the genre was and why it was important for people to try games about love and sex.

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