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Chances are that date wasn’t set up by a well-intentioned mutual friend, but rather a flippant right swipe of a thumb, and a couple brief messages. So this month, (614) decided to shadow four daters (a heterosexual female and male, and a homosexual male and female) to explore a truly modern dating phenomenon.(Their names have been changed for the sake of privacy, security, and garnering honest responses.) ssentially, Tindering is submitting yourself to be vulnerable—to be vulnerable in front of strangers, and to be vulnerable in front of your date.We decided to find out what happens when you swipe right. Does it neatly conform with our conventions and mores as an expansion to the foundation of dating protocol, or does it change the game completely?Where do convenience and efficiency fit into our ideas of dating and romance? According to its website: “Tinder is how people meet.

Tinder has evolved from sexually promiscuous obscurity into a genuine way to avoid spending yet another Friday night alone by offering two effortless options: swipe left, or right.

In a New York Times feature in 2014, cofounder Sean Rad explained the thinking behind this move.

“When was the last time you walked into a bar and someone said, ‘Excuse me, can you fill out this form and we’ll match you up with people here?

If they’ve also swiped right on your picture, voila, the two of you are able to begin messaging, and off you go on the romantic, sexual adventure that is dating.

Depending on whom you speak to, Tinder straddles the line between an ego-boosting hookup machine, and a statistically smarter, timesaving mechanism to find romance.

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