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He makes a conscious effort to listen and learn other's perspectives.

He communicates his thoughts, feelings and desires clearly and easily.

- You may know a lot of Balinese dances, but never heard of Joged Bumbung.

It is normal if you are a visitor or migrant in Bali, but you might have seen this dance in Balinese celebration events.

The old paradigms that dictate how a man is suppose to behave in the world, how he is suppose to treat women and how he measures up to other men is crumbling.

The modern erotic man is self-sufficient, attuned to his partner's needs, and able to mobilize his resources to build his dreams and visions.

He has grown up from being a boy to a man - taking care of his responsibilities and honoring his word and code in the world.

A long time ago, Joged Bumbung was a dance performed to celebrate among the farmers in their break hours, villagers upon successful harvesting, or other people’s party.

While most men may have Playboy, Penthouse or pornography, women have erotica.

Think about it...get the visuals and women get the mental and emotional. At Metaphysical Erotica, we honor and recognize the Modern Erotic Man.

We find that a man who is aware of his own dysfunctions, faces them and becomes sexually empowered is HOT!

In addition, women value that deeper connections with their partner as they face their core issues of sex and intimacy. They must learn new patterns of behavior and reaction in order to bring the sacredness back to the bedroom.

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Erotica is generally perceived as the female literary pornography, and men are relegated into stereotypes of power, self-absorption, manipulation and control.

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