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Clean air, blue skies, crystal-clear desert nights, nearly year-round sunshine all contribute to exceptionally stress-free, resort-style living, hundreds of world-class eateries, casinos and natural areas are moments away. Resort living, superb dining, outdoor recreation, cultural centers are waiting for your dream vacation. Boasting a beautiful climate and picturesque desert scenery, Palm Springs is the ideal location for a vacation or weekend getaway.

Within easy distance of live theater, art galleries, restaurants and other cultural, recreational and sightseeing opportunities.

You can even drive to the ocean and be back with plenty of time to Sea Mountain retreat! Day drift in a haze of happiness and completion as you body is soothed and your senses are restored.

The Sea Mountain is the Best place to even spend a day inside the resort Remember, your celebrity retreat includes: beverages, dining areas, the earth's natural spring waters, showers, clothing optional tanning and spring water pool Add a massage for one or two! Because of the exclusive nature of the property and to protect the privacy of our guests, a map and your VIP directions will be given only after one has booked a stay in this most awarded special place.nchantments The Sea Mountain Has the most elegant facilities for the lover of sun and water. The number one best ranked for romance and elegance.Small tattoos (that could be covered by a dollar bill) will usually be concealed with makeup before shooting.I work with a variety of body types, except plus-size or those under 5'4".Most are not professionals and many had never modeled before.I will help you build skill and confidence, beginning with clothed shots.

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Every day there are unlimited coke products, munchies, teas, juices, gifts, breakfast, lunch, fruits, 24 hour natural waters pools and 24 hour lifestyles taboo gardens lounge with a pole for the day or the night!!! - Enjoy our world famous Sea Mountain Inn Tandem Massages for one or two - An experience dedicated to pleasure.

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