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When a channel is tapped, it gives the user the option to give it an email address, to which it sends an invite with a link attached.They use this link to open the secure channel in the user's app (right)But commentators are sceptical about whether the tool will be used for soul searching and 'honest hellos', instead of trolling friends, with some saying they it would feel strange using a deceptive tool against people they know.Whats App cofounder Jan Koum has said he's deeply committed to user privacy because he grew up in the Soviet Union during the 1980s, when his mother and other adults routinely assumed that authorities eavesdropped on their phone calls.'After you compose a message in One One and press send, the message is encrypted before leaving your device using 2048-bit RSA and 256-bit AES cryptographic algorithms, and sent over HTTPS to our secure server,' the company wrote on its website.Once the app is installed, seven 'channels' become available (left), which are used to chat with up to seven other users.These messages may also have text, audio, and picture files attached.

Children may not know the true identities of their buddies, as IM accounts can be acquired anonymously.This will help you be aware of anyone saying anything inappropriate to your child.Chat Rooms Chat rooms are online hang-out spots where anyone can talk about anything—current events, books, and other common interests.Users often do not know each other in real life, so it is important that trusted adults keep a close eye on the content of any conversations.Chat rooms offer features which allow users to chat through private, one-on-one messages.

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The premise of the website is to setup discrete sexual encounters with Facebook friends.

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