That’s where Spiramid can offer you our extraordinary assistance.We offer comprehensive bundles of software that are guaranteed to ensure that you are able to follow whatever guidelines are mandated by your fields governing bodies.Occupational safety and health (OSH) also commonly referred to as occupational health and safety (OHS) or workplace health and safety (WHS) are specially designated names for programs designated to protecting the safety, health and welfare of employees.By ensuring the employee feels safe in their working environment, the hope is to foster a safe and healthy relationship between the employee and business leading not only to benefits in overall satisfaction, but contributing to the success of the business as well; these sentiments not only affect the business and the primary individuals involved such as co-workers, employers, and customers, but also secondary such as family and any others affected by the working environment.

The beginnings of the bodega can be seen in the “calado” an arched stone vat 8 to 10 metres below ground.No more tiresome paper work that can get misplaced, or lost; no more miscommunication; and no more lost time trying to figure out records or analysis.Spiramid can offer you software that can help you records and maintain a smoothly running working environment, which is ensuring the safety and health of your employees.An easily integratable system that will improve the functionality of your business awaits, here at Spiramid.Bodegas Quiroga de Pablo is a family business in Azofra, a place with a long grape-growing and wine-making tradition, in the Rioja Alta sub-region.

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