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545/100000/y counting population aged 18 and above.According to our data, 32,5% of adult population smoke, 24,5% of the population is obese, 57,5% has total cholesterol blood levels 5 mmol, and 54% has increased blood pressure.The health-care system is split into three levels: primary health care, secondary health care and tertiary care.Read the full report Republic of Srpska: the health system is centralised, with planning, regulation and management functions held by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare.If you click on "Year Wise" you get a year-by-year listing of stamps.

Federation of B&H: the health system is governed by the Ministry of Health but the system itself is also decentralised, because Federation consists of 10 (ten) Cantons, and each Canton has its own responsibilities for planning, organisation and providing health care for the population.Primary healthcare services are provided by family medicine practices, primary healthcare centres, and by pharmacies.Read the full report The Republic of Srpska: diseases of the circulatory system are the most common cause of death causing almost 47% of all deaths 2014.Even here the ESC Guidelines on CVD Prevention in clinical practice are translated and the Heart Score B&H programme introduced.Read the full report Patients groups involved in cardiac rehabilitation are: patients after myocardial infarction and patients after various types of cardiac surgery and percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI).

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Preventive programs are provided through primary health care centres as well as secondary centres and also through outpatient clinics of Clinical University Centres in Sarajevo, Tuzla and Mostar.

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