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So when her best friends and fellow boy catchers start dropping like flies junior year, Jillian is determined to keep boys in her bedroom and out of her heart.

Until she meets Liam Mc Avoy, the kind of guy that sticks around to make waffles and who can't—or perhaps won't—take a hint.

Twenty-one year-old Jillian Nichols only has one rule when it comes to boys: catch and release.

Boy-catching isn't just a game for Jillian and her friends, it's a lifestyle.

By Bonny Albo In A Girl’s Pocket Guide to Trouser Trout, author Gail Rubin uses fishing terms and relationship terms interchangeably.

One of these terms is catch and release, which in the fishing world means to return a fish that has already been reeled in, back to the water.

Not only does this add depth to the story and its characters, it reminds us to live life to the fullest.

It’s an illness that, for no specific reason, has always haunted me; I just find it so heartbreaking to have to live with knowing what’s in store.

This site contains original and modified comics and illustrated stories of a transgendered nature!

So in relationship terms according to Rubin, catch and release refers to a woman who gently lets go of a man she's been dating casually or briefly.

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He’s sweet, he’s down to earth, he’s funny, and did I say he was Scottish?

Even though I would have liked to know more about him aside from his future plans, I still became completely enamored.

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