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5) He is not an only child but he is the eldest of his siblings.As in many other culture, being the eldest means carrying more responsibilities.Just don’t suggest skinny dipping or a day at the spa with him on one of your first dates (anything that screams “sex! They will drop subtle hints and won’t be as direct as the average Western guy and he may not even kiss you or hug you right away.Don’t worry, if he keeps calling you and you keep seeing each other, things are going well!In some other cases, if you lead him on too early, he may give you an excuse the next time you are to meet and disappear on you.As in all relationships, if it doesn’t feel right, then it probably is not. They will ask what you want to do and may not take the lead in planning your date (he probably also won’t say the “date” word).If the parents of the guy you are dating disapproves of your relationship, it will make it very hard for you two to be together. We all know an only child, in any culture, is usually more spoiled. However, Chinese boys are very important because they will carry on the family name and they will usually take care of the parents when they grow older.I’ve heard of a case where the girl never got to meet his parents and their relationship was hidden for over a year; the guy then suddenly left to be married a month later as it was the family’s wish. As an only child, this puts more pressure on them to be there for their parents when they need it.

This may be odd at first, especially if you are like me and gained independence at an early age and only see your parents every 2 months and talk to them once every 2 weeks.

On top of being the one who will care for the parents later on, the eldest will also carry on the family business if there is one.

He will be pushed to do their best at anything they undertake (ie. This may seem daunting but it’s really because the parents love their son so much and want to see him succeed in life; it’s just a different way than what you are used to with your parents.

This may be regarded as unmanly by Western Women as most of us like it when a man takes charge but asking others what they want is regarded as the respectful thing to do in China.

Take this as a compliment and give him suggestions of things you like.

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