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I remember my freshman year of high school - my freshman and sophomore years of high school - I was absolutely in love with her but she was always busy dating older guys. When you do get to the town, environmentally it was perfect for our movie: how I felt very at home with the women of our particular suburban small town, how I was content with the available women in that town and confident that I could woo most of them, if not all.I had braces and I was kind of a late bloomer pubescence-wise, so I didn't have the juice needed to get out of that. She was interested in all that stuff too, so we'd go on the road together and do all that stuff. I had no chance.”Chris Klein on Filming “Just Friends” in Canada: “What ended up happening in Regina, and we also used the town of Moose Jaw which is I guess 45 miles to the east of Regina, it actually reminded me a heck of a lot of where I grew up. Ryan's feeling of being trapped right back where he was and what he escaped from only to find that maybe he hasn't changed as much as he thought he did.Without his reaction to my antics, it won't work. So we had a good time playing with that,” said Klein.So I really think the credit falls to both of us to be able to deliver those scenes appropriately.”Chris Klein on Playing a Geeky High School Student: Klein is covered with pimples and has stringy hair when his character Dusty enters the picture as a high school student. They did a wonderful job with the hair and the acne makeup. His character Dusty has a stuttering problem in his teen years, and Klein said that was something he came up with for the character. I just thought that to show the distance and growth that Dusty came from in high school to now being a paramedic - and having the theme of ‘Superman’ playing when I catch Amy Smart - it was a creative choice. But it's always something that I've been interested in because I remember it affecting my life in a huge way.This is the same man who said that his relationship with whatsherface was 'really special' to him and whatnot, and that if her relationship with Cruise was the right decision for her then he was behind it. - Sun Herald Chris Klein hopes his lead role in the tiny 'Game of Aces' is a ...“That was a bit of time in the makeup chair, although I couldn't complain. It was also something that I wanted to play with because growing up, I had a stuttering issue as well. So I was excited to go back and play with that a little bit. Chris Klein on the Dreaded ' Just Friends' Label: “I was kind of thinking about that on the way over here, trying to remember if I had been or had not been because I thought that that might be a question of interest.

The American Pie star popped the question to Laina Rose Thyfault over the weekend (20-21Dec14) in Venice Beach, California.Cruise, who currently has no projects in the pipeline, was last seen in "Batman Begins," in which she played the most baby-faced assistant district attorney in cinematic history.Holmes, meanwhile, is gearing up for her new maternal role by bonding with her soon-to-be stepkids. A., she turned up sans Tom to watch his 12-year-old daughter Isabella play soccer.I want to be nice and be like, 'Wow, thanks for the attention.But get out of my face.'" A few other gentlemanly gems from the chat include Chris describing wooing a woman as a "predator-prey situation" and admitting he stays "very closed off until a woman deserves to know me completely." Asked if this approach makes it tough for potential partners to unravel the enigma that is Chris Klein, he sneers, "Hey, man, I'm not here to hold hands and babysit. "I've got fantasy football to play." Meanwhile, with Katie's belly looking bigger in every photo op (still no word on a due date, but she's rumored to be about five months along), is she planning to go the traditional route once her little Tom Kitten arrives?

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