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Thus we guarantee that the productive servers will not automatically install updates and restart without the permission of the administrator (usually these actions are performed by the system administrator as part of the planned routine works).To implement such scheme, let’s set the following policies: Note.First of all, you have to specify the rule of grouping the computers in the WSUS console (targeting).By default, the computers in the WSUS console are distributed into groups manually by the server administrator (server-side targeting).The downloaded updates are saved to C:\Windows\Software Distribution\Download. WSUS) is Microsoft free tool they provide for deploying patches and updates.When you configure update policies, we recommend you to get acquainted with all the settings that are available in each option of Windows Update section, and set the parameters suitable for your infrastructure and organization.We assume that in contrast to the server policy, updates to the client workstations are installed automatically at night after receiving the updates.

AD Group Policies allow the administrator to automatically assign computers to different WSUS groups, saving him the trouble of manually moving the computers between groups in the WSUS console and support these groups up-to-date.

In our example OU structure is extremely simple: there are two containers – Servers (it contains all servers of the company, as well as domain controllers) and WKS (Workstations – user computers). We consider only a fairly simple option of binding the WSUS policies to clients.

In real world, it is possible to bind a single WSUS policy to all domain computers (a GPO is assigned to the domain root), distribute different computers between different OUs (like in our example), in distributed networks it’s worth to bind different WSUS servers to the AD sites, or to assign a GPO based on the WMI filters, or even combine these methods.

In one of the previous articles we have described the installation of a WSUS server on Windows Server 2012 in detail.

The next step – configure Windows clients to use a deployed WSUS server.

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In some time (it depends on the number of updates and bandwidth to the WSUS server) check if there is a pop-up notification of the new updates in the tray.

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