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“I feel like I got so lucky — we just clicked immediately and have always gotten along so well. ” So, long story short — the Internet isn’t killing dating, or making it any worse.In fact, despite what this Vanity Fair article is saying, it might be making it better.“These tools have had a powerful effect on our ability to be choosy. These are benefits for all daters, not just entitled, sexist stockbrokers.” Casey will graduate from Cal Poly SLO at the end of August (woo!) with a journalism degree and an English minor - so basically, she's obsessed with words.Health Club Heavenly Pies Restaurant Holiday Traditions Homestay in the USA Hotel Reservations Immigration and Customs Lost in the Crowd Meeting Singles Nice to Meet You Party Invitations Party Time!Phone Message Picnic Preparations Private Language Tutor Reading Time Rental Shop (Version B) Restaurant Order Saturday's Chores Shopping for the Day Sightseeing in Town Snack Time So, what's the matter?

A Student Credit Card A Healthy Lifestyle A Hiking Family A Story to Remember Airline Safety Back to School Supplies Baking Cookies Barbecue Party Breakfast Recipes Budget Hotel Rooms Bus Trip Car Rental Career Search College Majors College Roommates College Textbooks Computer Sales Dinner Time Driver's License Emergency Call Exercise Program English Language Center Great Apartment Living Grocery Shopping Haven't We Met Before? Well, I wouldn’t say new, but online dating’s recent explosion has changed the way people are meeting. Online dating is so much more convenient than going into a bar or coffee shop and hoping — no, PRAYING — that the cute person next to you will make eye contact and start a conversation. But the Internet has thrown a whole new wrench into that weird, awkward system.Online dating allows anyone the opportunity to contact thousands of people from all over the world.There’s a lot more choice involved — the dating pool used to be limited geographically, but with online dating, it isn’t any more.

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So, fellow single people, next time someone complains about the “dating apocalypse” online dating is supposed to be causing, remember what Samhita Mukhopadhyay, author of “Outdated: Why Dating Is Ruining Your Love Life,” said on Al-Jazeera America in response to the Vanity Fair article.

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