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I am an intelligent, intellectual business woman, with a multitude of life experiences. Then he said he could not raise the money and did not know what to do. But told him I was on holiday with my friend and this would not be fair on her. Then my friend called me to tell me she had heard a report on BBC radio that morning, describing romance scams using online dating sites. Both women losing money to people they had not yet met but had fallen for and believed wholeheartedly. It showed a row of Ghanan men at computer terminals, like those seen in a call centre, using scripts to work from.

I have my head screwed on the right way, am savvy, and can usually smell a rat when I see one. He said, he would lose everything he had built and saved and worked for if he did not get this off the ground. He said whilst I was in Morocco perhaps I would fly out to see him in Lagos, to accompany him to a members banquet with OPEC on the Saturday. To show his appreciation for everything I was doing for him. We would wait until we both were back in the UK and could start our lives together properly.

They gave him a South African phone number, which he sent to me and asked me to call him, which I did.

I got a black young man with an African accent on the phone that pretended to be **.

Once they have your Pay Pal account, they will keep charging you and you are powerless to contact anyone. A few weeks after we started communicating he got a job in South Africa for 5 weeks.

Upon arrival in South Africa he told me that the back pack with their cell phones and his i Pad had been lost by his daughter.

He finally came online at 8.30 Sunday morning, and I rang him straight away, crying down the phone, desperate to hear his voice, know he was safe. I would only be 36 hours before we saw each other and all would be well. That OPEC had told him the Nigerian Government would not allow him to kick start the business on 12th because he had not yet paid taxes. He could not come home on the planned flight until he had paid this money. Said he had called his sister asking her to sell her car. I asked why his solicitor had not picked this up prior to the journey to Lagos and the finalization with OPEC. He felt foolish that he could do this, and now did not know what to do.

We maintained contact throughout the week, the relationship building all the time. I told him if he did not pay me back I would drag him through the courts, but actually did not believe there would be the need. I made the transfer, using a WU agent in Peterborough, firstly of 3k on 9th and a further 2k on 10th. We spoke more on the phone, he told me he couldn't wait to see me on the 12th, that our life together could begin properly. I heard nothing from him after 7pm on Saturday 10th, I was going out of my mind with worry. We were texting or calling or emailing constantly prior to this, day and night. I Googled the office location in Lagos, but could not find this. I would support him emotionally and would never stop this. He changed his status on Yahoo Messenger MSN to say "So sad I wish the world would just stop - Goodbye Everyone. He said he appreciated and respected my constant contact and support and for showing him love at the terrible time for him.

We planned to meet when he returned to the UK on 12th July 2010.

He would come straight to my home in Lincolnshire instead of going home first. I had hope, dreams, of a wonderful life with this man. There was no way I would have been scammed, I was too intelligent.

He now wrote political policy for Local Government on a freelance basis. I email Christian, still seeing him as one person, not the many that "he" probably is, telling him I was so upset, that I wanted my money back. Not judging me for the stupidity or humiliation attached to this.

He was embarking on the final stages of setting up an oil uplifting company in Lagos, and was flying out on 28th June to meet with OPEC to finalize the deal and kick start the company with the aid of staff and a manager who would run it from Lagos, while he would return to the UK to live and start a life with me. I wanted him to transfer it through WU immediately or I would take action. Only telling me I had done what many thousands of people had done, and many more would still until the Serious Organised Crime syndicates were stopped.

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He told me he was being called to an emergency meeting with OPEC on Saturday night, 10th, and did not know what for. I sent him an email asking for him to contact me urgently. I communicated with him daily, I talked to him so had his sweet French voice in my head, his words in my mind, his love in my heart. I would be meeting him tomorrow, and we would be starting a life together. I asked him to make sure he contacted me the following morning so I would know he was ok.

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  1. Online dating can be so stressful – filling out the profile and keeping up with all the interactions can feel like a job – so it’s no surprise that sometimes digital romance blooms under more Facebook friend-ly circumstances.