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Alan Garcia (1985-90), by contrast, actively intervened in the military's internal organization and co-opted the High Command in order to ensure his con- trol over the military.Fujimori expanded upon Garcia's methods of co-optation, but with the intention not only of controlling the military but of using it for his own political purposes.Montesinos, who knew who was who within the military, suggested which gen- erals should be retired and which should be promoted to key posts.By forcing out officers whose loyalty was sus- Gen.

In late 1991, Montesinos and Fujimori perfected their system of co-optation by passing a law that changed the procedure for selecting the heads of the armed forces.

When Fujimori took power, he was in an unenviable position: he had no political party or trade-union sup- port, and the business community, which widely backed Vargas Llosa, viewed him with mistrust.

With virtually no allies to sustain his new government, Fujimori feared that the military would see him as weak and try to replace him.

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