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It's during the first year of recovery that the addict is to learn how to break the cycle of addiction.A year of sobriety and "relationship abstinence" is meant to allow a sufficient amount of time to deal with one's own emotions without having to resort to his/her addiction, to build self-awareness and to become responsible for one's own emotional care.Rather than relying on an external source for relief or emotional gain, which is what s/he is accustomed to do, s/he begins to look internally, to rely on oneself as a source of emotional nourishment."The most important relationship is with oneself" poses a complete paradigm shift to the recovering addict.

If entering into such a relationship prematurely, the recovering person, and anyone else for that matter, runs the risk of unresolved dependency issues tainting the newly developing relationship.It was apparent that Linda was looking for assurances that he is still interested.When his assurances weren't forthcoming, she reacted as if he wasn't being truthful, that he really wasn't interested in her or the relationship, which wasn't the case.Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but assuming that we would not want our emotional and mental well-being to hinge on a miracle, is it worth the risk?But this is not what the recovering addict is thinking about.

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  1. Although talking with individual people still fun to do, you can have a lot more fun talking with couples if you give it a try.

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