Dating tips for 20 somethings

You will eventually find your craft, and hone it – the discipline alone will make you giddy with discovery.Waking up in the dark, you’ll enjoy writing for hours, undisturbed.

That comfort makes them more likely to seek out partners.

Besides lifting your self-worth, "it'll increase your odds of meeting a partner who shares your lifestyle." Take stock of what you want to excel in and go from there, she says.3. "For them, it's not a big deal to date outside of your ethnicity or religion," she says. Campbell adds that Millennials also don't discount someone who doesn't have a preset list of traits. Campbell suggests not creating a profile right away.

Love comes in many forms, and people often find it where they least expect it but, Dr. "If the older generation could get over the stigma they associate with online dating, they'd have more options," explains Dr. "Just browse through profiles for three months and see if you find anyone you like."5. "It's a good starting point if you're interested in someone," Brencher says.

"Technology changed dating," says Millennial Hannah Brencher, writer and founder of More Love Letters.

And Gen Y may be the tech-savviest group out in the dating world.

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These days there are thousands of ways to meet someone online, but how do you turn an online relationship into something that lasts offline? In recent years, online dating has become a staple to traditional dating.

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