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google .com/ -A THE NEW VORK PUBLIC LIBRARY Auor, It Box tn4 TUdn V'trnnt Mrnt THE JAMHS BLACK COLLECTION r RESENIGD Br THt NATIONAL TEMPERANCE SOCIETY JANUARY 191; JAMES BLACK LIBRARY. But so it is ; in the struggle between quality and cheap- neas, the latter generally comes off victorious. Further, this evasion and oppression did us no good ; fur all the trade were alike, and we just sold our good» so much the cheaper the more duty we evaded ; bo that our individual success did not depend upon superior skill and superior morality, in making an excellent article at a moderate price, but upon superior capacity for fraud, meanness, sycophancy, and every possible baseness. Conscience, although greatly blunted by practices that were universal, and viewed as inevitable, still whisp(.™»c COMMERCIAL HAND-BOOK CHEMICAL ANALYSIS; rii CTic AL i HSTBcci Kcca n» THE smm Hii Aii DR or tbm. Quah'ly, in effeet, caa seldotn be at once recognized or esta Uiabod cxcd in every tnide, and ndutccration baa i RTodod all. Ted that they were wrong ; our self-respect very frequently revolted at the insults to which we were exponed ; and there was a constant feeling of inae- eurity from the great extent to which we were dependent upon wretches whom we internally despised.Google Book Search helps readers discover Ihe world's books while helping authors and publishers reach new audiences. of adulterated Co Sce 1 The parcliawr has therefore paid one tifaillin^ for seven penny-worth of coffees What a bar^in ! , but the nhavv apuritic M will remain behind a:* a fixvd rcjiiduiim, and may Itcn be weighed after cooling. r to tre that of a brncrr^ druffffi U, il may (kirly, I tliink, be inferred that tbc mftd wu « de»l«r in drags for tbe u M o C dcdera io or ntulcn of bcer- vants and eartji were in requisition to transport tbetr eflecta.You can search tlirough the full text of Ihis book on the web at //books . not to »peak of the wrretobod beverage which ih« infu^oa will yield. Tlie rolatilixation of the rarwnious acid in the above experiment should he carried on onder the hood of a cliimne; with a good draught, the fumes being exceediiigly poiaunous. By way of keeping diiiriplin G upon us, and also to make a ^ow of doty, they cbo^ every now and then (o step in and detect OS ia a fraudi and get lu fined. quietly, they told US that they would mska iu tmeoda hy winking at another fraud, and thej generally did bo ; but if our indignation rendered passive obedience impoeatble, and we gave utterance to our opinions of thdr chsracter and conduct, they enforced the law on im, whilst they relaxed tt on our neighbou Rs — and these, being rivals in trade, under- sold us in the market, carried away our customers, and rained our buiiiness. We could not smuggle without the aid of our servants ; and as they could, on occasions of any offence given to themselves, caitj information to the head quorters of Excise, we were slavn tu them also, and were obliged tamely to submit to a degree of drunkenness ond indolence that appears now to me per- fectly intoleruble.

Marks, notations and other niaiginalia present in the original volume will appeal' in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from Ihe publisher to a library and finally lo you. the toss, indicates courne tbo quantity of curl Miuic u M which was contained the carbonutte and which ha. As Uw aodaiuih of commem; alwajv rontaioa c^arlhy txrbooa UB, imteiu] of putting the 100 grains whic Ji an to b« Mnalyxed directly into tho ti Mk A, it is absolutely nec«»- aary first (O diseolve them in boiling water, to filter tbe Mlatiun, and to wash the precipitate that may tw left on tl»e filtvr with bulling water. Water is then poured into the bottle through the funnel, when a ANTIMONY.

and we can'I offer guidance on whelher any specific use of any specific book is allowed. The oxyde of copper is then dried and igniteou, bec«u--i- badly tnantifac Cured ui-ruw-root acquirer nunit Ttini M au un- pleasant f Urour froiu tlie recinouv matter i-oiitmned in llii?

Please do not assume Ihat a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. vntide of the plant frcioi wliicli it 'n prepared, and which nu mibs Mtue Dl nia^ of thi.^ ninnufucture can rviiio%i--.

urru Ntic ok BY a/ NORMANDY, A"" LONDON: PUBLISHED BY OEOROE KNIGHT AND SONS, F03TBR LANE, CHEA^-SIDE. In mont cimcs, therefore, • trial is neoossary; but how few can oiake such a trial in a satisfactory manner, or know liow to Mt about it ? When the government took a higher tone, and more principle and greater strictness in the collection of the duties were enforced, we thought ourselves ruined. The duties, no doubt, ore now exceedingly bur- densome from their amount ; but that is their least evi L Were it possible to collect them from every tradrr with per- fect equality, our independence wonld bo complete, and our competition would be confined to superiority in morality and skill.

' 790170 ' ■ ■ ri R WS L COURSE OF GENERAL AND ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY. JSoutut Oj'a pnetiai eoune ot Cmeni anil nf Annlytlriil Clwtnll Irj, toon p BRiculailf applied to Ihc manu&cluring u U anil tu sghcul- lunv Uit» plan; nl his Lnbomtor;, crcrv Wcdnnday iind Salunlit. Cheapness, on the contruy, ta understood at first sight ; tlie temptation of purcbasinff a comnt Ddity ches^ is ejitieing and cannot be wilh Htood, it silences all other ren Mtia, eren the promptin}^ of conunoa sense, which |ioiut out that an article ol Tered, without adequate nm^ons, and in the uniinl course of things, al or uticjer prime coot, either cnnnnt lmc other way, and, doubt it not, al the bargainer's expense. Matters are much nearer this p(»nt now than the^ BEER.

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