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Richman told him she didn’t want to sleep with him any more.

He’s certainly no oil painting: tall and cadaverously thin with wonky teeth and bushy silver hair.

Although she has a flat in the nearby Sierra Towers block (also home to Elton John), she uses it now only to store her belongings.

Perry has just agreed to rip out his office to give her more dressing room space off the master bedroom, which she’s taken as a big sign of commitment.

And although he may appear superficially to be perfect Mr Fonda material - enormously wealthy with impeccable connections - he comes with much-tainted baggage.

During a stellar career as a hugely successful record producer, he clocked up nearly two-dozen gold records for his label, Planet, and had a hand in numerous hits for artists like Carly Simon, Leo Sayer, the Pointer Sisters and Nilsson.

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He wooed her with panoramic views of the city, meals prepared by his in-house chef and a hot tub off the master bathroom.

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