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“All of us do have the need to feel affection, to love,” she says.Loring’s interest in doing a film about this generation came after his father died, when his mother was suddenly alone and struggling with emotional issues of being alone at age 70.IN STEVEN LORING’S DOCUMENTARY, “THE AGE OF LOVE,” YOU WATCH AS MEN AND WOMEN in their 70s and 80s worry about what to wear, fret about body parts they don’t particularly like, consider what they will say and wonder who they will meet.They are getting ready for a speed dating event in Rochester, N. Loring, who was a screenwriter, began this documentary as his master’s thesis in film.

I wanted to understand what was going on.” Instead of having three generations alive at once, he says, we now have a fourth generation that is alive and active in their 70s, 80s and 90s — and they want to grow.

You watch them at the speed dating event and you get nervous for them. “It was like they were walking into their high school prom again,” Loring says.

“Nothing had really changed.” Then we watch as they get the envelopes holding the results from the event.

Halfway through calling the first participant to get her permission, she told him: “Steve, let me tell you something. Sarah Swords, who coordinates the Gerontology Resources and the Aging Community in Education Program at UT, says aging and sexuality is a complex issue that often isn’t talked about.

Even my own children, they love me, they take care of me, they do everything they should do, but they never ask me what’s in my heart anymore. “It’s hard to talk about our parents as intimate beings,” she says.

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