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He will help focus the region on storytelling that is more visual and mobile-friendly, with cutting-edge enterprise and fast, accurate spot coverage."As we continue to help AP's customers by providing more content that is shareable in the social and mobile age, having someone with Fernando's strong visual skills and a proven track record in leadership is key to our success," said Sandy Mac Intyre, AP Vice President and Director of Global Video.

"Fernando brings all of that and more to the table."In his long career, the Uruguayan-born Gonzalez has covered many of the region's biggest stories, including the 1996 hostage siege at the Japanese ambassador's residence in Peru and Hurricane Mitch's devastating impact on Central America.

Developed by Sean Smith of Baseball Projection.com"League AL - American League (1901-present)NL - National League (1876-present)AA - American Association (1882-1891)UA - Union Association (1884)PL - Players League (1890)FL - Federal League (1914-1915)NA - National Association (1871-1875)"League AL - American League (1901-present)NL - National League (1876-present)AA - American Association (1882-1891)UA - Union Association (1884)PL - Players League (1890)FL - Federal League (1914-1915)NA - National Association (1871-1875)" Leagues historically made no effort to balance team, league, and player fielding stats.

Since 1990 or so, computers have made this feasible, but prior to that there are hundreds or thousands of discrepancies each year in games played (even whether a player played a position), putouts, assists, double plays and errors.

Gonzalez, who has been the AP's regional video editor for Latin America and the Caribbean based in Washington, D.

C., since 2014, will help lead the cooperative's newsgathering operation in all formats from its regional hub in Mexico City.

He is a pioneer in private equity, making him an exceptional business lawyer.For example, for a pitcher this would be waa W-L%in the games the pitcher threw in and a .500 record otherwise."Offensive Wins Above Replacement (everything but Fielding)The same statistic as Wins Above Replacement for Position Players (WAR), but with the fielding value excluded.o WAR d WAR does not equal WAR. Contains the factor for batting stats, baserunning, a positional adjustment, and the replacement player adjustment.Factors developed by Sean Smith of Baseball Projection.com" data-filter="1" data-name="Offensive WAR"Defensive Wins Above Replacement for position players A defensive measure of wins above replacement, but givenonly the defensive stats of the player and his position adjustment.Primary salary Data (about) courtesy Doug Pappas, and the Society for American Baseball Research.Additional 1915-1969 salaries researched via Baseball Hall of Fame contract archives by Dr. Salaries for mid-season call-ups or traded players may not be shown.

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Fielding of balls in play, turning double plays, outfield arms and catcher defense are all included.

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