Forms the basis of archaeomagnetic dating

There has been no quantitative evaluation of the proportion between aggregate and matrix in the Maya area.Additionally, it has been postulated that a feature that distinguishes Maya lime plasters is the use of organic substances as additives [12] to provide more subtle carbonation of the lime [26].The application of this method to archaeological stuccoes started half a century ago and since then has been used worldwide, showing in some cases expected results [28], however, in other cases the C14 dates disagreed with the historical context [29].In the Maya region there are successful cases of radiocarbon dating of archaeological mortars, coupled with the AMS dating of charcoal particles from the same sample [30].It consists of 4 groups with monumental architecture: Grupo Principal (also known simply as Dzibanché), Kinichná, Tutil, and Lamay connected by —elevated lime roads.The samples of lime plasters and stuccos used in this study were taken from 3 buildings in the Grupo Principal.

In the Late Classic there was a short period of political instability with clear signs of violence, followed by a peaceful split of the Kaan dynasty (7th century): a member of the family stayed in Dzibanché and the settled in Calakmul.On the whole, we rely on this combination of methods to establish the spatial variability and temporal evolution of the manufacturing technique of plasters and stuccoes, which are the sole material witnesses for the lime processing know-how of the ancient Mayas.Dzibanché is a Maya archaeological site in southern Quintana Roo (18°38′18.84″ N 88°45′38.67″ W.There are also studies which investigate the manufacturing technique of particular cases [16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25].Among those, only a few used petrography in their studies [14,15,22,23,25].

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We decided to attempt the AMS dating of a mortar sample in order to further explain its result on the basis of petrographic observations.

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