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Facebook profile photos of nearby singles appear randomly; users respond with an easy “like” or “nope” with the swipe of their fingers.

When both people like what they see, a connection is made. A little bribery can go a long way (for some people). Couples who’ve locked down a serious relationship can join the per month couples section of the site, which offers date night deals by city.

“We are just trying to do our job as a matchmaker.” _____________________ This sounds sleazy and I consider that FRAUD.

Down can be used for dating as well, but let’s be honest: This app still lives up to its former name. Trint Me allows shy users to initiate the next step behind the veil of their smartphones.

The true intentions (“trints”), which can range from “let’s talk” to “coffee” to “romance” to “hookup,” aren’t revealed unless there is a successful match.

In part because of its provocative ads,, based in Irving, Tex., has seemingly come out of nowhere to become one of the most visited sites in the 0 million-a-year online dating industry, attracting 3.8 million people last month. The company has riled competitors like and Yahoo Personals, which say that True’s lowbrow advertisements clash with its high-minded lobbying and legal efforts.

True, which conducts criminal background checks on its subscribers, is the primary force behind a two-year-old campaign to get state legislatures to require that social Web sites prominently disclose whether or not they perform such checks. And what you’re left with is a site with really no identity apart from being the scourge of the dating industry.

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  1. PFS will broaden your friendship and romantic network with a quality dating service based on core values of honesty, confidentiality, value for money and heaps of fun along the way!

  2. Route 69 I dont get there as much as I would like since my GF put it off limits to me some time back but always a nice place to drop into and have a few beers and watch the people on the street walk by.

  3. ' (Even lottery playing ghosts are desperate for love)It's a common misconception that you'll get a better class of person on a 'paid for' dating site, or perhaps someone who's more serious about a relationship than those maniacs on free sites who may as well just jump up and down on the spot shouting "SHAG ME I HAVE NO MONEY OR SOCIAL SKILLS!