Jenna dating an army ranger

Though technically Jen is the leader of the team, as Red Ranger, Wes is considered an informal field leader, ever since regaining the Red Chrono Morpher from Alex.

A similar situation was used in the earlier series Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers in which the female character Delphine, the White Ranger, is the leader, but stories revolved around the Red Ranger, Aurico.

Jen vows to avenge Alex and capture Ransik, who escapes.

Just like Wes, Jen is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter, even without her Ranger power.

She takes the Pink, Blue, Green and Yellow Chrono Morphers and goes back in time to 2001.

Jen is a strict leader in front of the Rangers and the newcomer Rangers getting to know them better, her attitude changes.

During Forever Red, Wes teams up against the remnants of the Machine Empire with the other Red Rangers (and Eric) and helps defeat them.

He would return again later to join the veteran Ranger army in Power Rangers Super Megaforce. Jen Scotts is the female protagonist of the series.

After the capture of the villain Ransik, Jen's boyfriend, Alex, proposes to her only to be killed the next day.Wes destroys Doomtron and consequently Frax with the Q-Rex (which he has control of as Eric gave him the Quantum Morpher) and is the only one that lands a real hit on Ransik using his Red Battle Fire Armor.Ultimately Ransik surrenders and the other Rangers have to return to the future.She eventually ends her engagement with Alex when it is revealed that he is still alive, as she has fallen in love with Wes.When Jen and the other Time Force Rangers reunite to help Wild Force Rangers battle the Mut-Orgs, she is paired up with White Tiger Ranger Alyssa Enrilè, who has pink essence on her clothes.

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