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Yep, despite the fact that LC and Howard have been spotted canoodling all over town -- and he was sitting front row with Frankie Delgado at her last fashion show -- it doesn't look as though LC's in any hurry to go public with her new-ish relationship.

"There's very little that I'm able to keep to myself through the show and through media, so if there's anything I can, I try to," Conrad recently .

You deserve better.” And Lauren told the mag that she’s left her “bad boy” phase behind. You like the bad boys, and you think you can change them and fix them. “I think it’s important for you to meet all different types of people, because it makes you realize what you want and don’t want in a person you’re dating.

Things are heating up between Lauren Conrad and beau Kyle Howard.

INF Photo LC and Kyle have been dating since July 2008, and the 31-year-old businessman is so crazy about the So Cal born bestselling novelist, 23, that he’s in the market for an engagement ring and is planning to propose marriage to the former reality star over the Christmas holiday, has revealed.

) doesn't mean you know EVERY single thing about her.

Like the fact that, after ditching Doug Reinhardt, LC went and landed herself a semi-secret boyfriend named Kyle Howard (we told you about him back in August, although Conrad later claimed they were just friends).

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Lauren Conrad and her on-and-off lover for over three years, Kyle Howard split up back in 2011.

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