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I asked him how he created it, and he said "I went to the public folder in the [Folder List] view, copied it, then pasted it into the "Favorite Folders" list in the [Mail] view." So that explained why it wasnt updating (b/c it was a static copy of a public folder).

To remedy this, I deleted his copied Public Folder, browsed to the public folder in the [Folder List] view, right clicked on the public folder and selected "Add to Favorites".

I sat here and watched it all via PRTG as reports were coming in of a slow internet connection.

Why would MS change the mechanism so that having multiple hierarchy of PF all run from the primary?

"Request timed out" or "Ping request could not find host If you cannot establish a connection with the computer, where the Syncing Master of Code Two Public Folders is installed, using the "ping" command, you have to configure your network correctly and then start the Code Two Public Folders Outlook Add-in.

To test the network connection from the Public Folders menu choose Options and then in the Syncing Master tab click Test connection ( Fig. You can also check the connection status in the Client Apps configuration module: If there is a successful connection between the Outlook Add-ins and the computer equipped with a Syncing Master, an affirmative message is displayed ( Fig. If there is no connection, a different message will show ( Fig. If you have failed to establish a connection with a computer hosting the Code Two Public Folders Syncing Master, you first need to configure the network correctly and then restart Code Two Public Folders.

Has any one had any implementations of multiple Exchange servers with Public Folders?

Previously I have posted an issue with Outlook not able to create or modify folders on a secondary Public folder.

And then the Primary at another site over the WAN initiated a connection to the client.In order to check that, try switching off your antivirus software and/or a firewall for some time.If the following error appears in the log files of the Code Two Public Folders Syncing Master (the problem does not appear on the computer equipped with the Outlook Add-in): If this error shows up, it means that TCP port used by Code Two Public Folders for communication (the default port number is 5002) is being used by another program on the same computer.I right clicked on the "Favorite" that I had just created and selected the "Add to Favorite Folders" view, then it was added to the "Favorite Folders" window in the [MAIL] view.[more] So in short, "Favorites" and "Favorite Folders" DO NOT mean the same thing.

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