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Platinum recording artist, actor and reality TV star RAY J stopped by with his fianceé PRINCESS LOVE, to discuss their tumultuous relationship and the personal changes they’ve each made in hopes of giving their relationship a chance to succeed.Steve shared some tips on how they could move forward with their relationship.She was an extra in fame), and had a daughter with Gabriel Cannon (Nick Cannon’s brother) but she married a man named Gizmo and had a beautiful baby girl.Though the first year of her baby’s life was smeared with ugly rumors of post partum depression, losing her daughter in a custody battle, and arson, she and her daughter seem happy together now. Already established in the entertainment industry as a reporter, she had already met Ray by interviewing him.But, we saw her again as she came back for season 2 to judge the girls, but that just reignited her desire for the Ray.After, she toured looking for the Next Miss Banana Split, premiered a clothing line, is still promoting clubs, and started a Breast Cancer charity dedicated to her mother who passed from cancer in 2004 named the Donna Nolley Foundation.With all of these measures, especially after his sex tape with Ms.Kardashian gained popularity, his dating show became the number one dating show on the network each season it appeared. Why, how nice of you to ask: Caviar When Ray met this tall, half Russian half Black femme, he named her Caviar.

Lava She started off really sweet and wanting to have a connection with Ray J, but then she switched and started being an b**ch to the other girls. She was linked to Usain Bolt, the Jamaican Olympic Sprinter in 2010 and now has a video on Worldstar Hip Hop.Wanting to pursue a career in singing, she showed off her chops, though usually forgetting the words of her own songs.Choosing to go the classy route, she tried to win Ray over with her mind, rather than her body.This 5’10 model spent more time talking to her photographer, Chicago Larry (who creepily whispered and spoke in third person), than spending time with Ray, and it was the reason she got the boot. After the show, she was romantically linked to Bobby Valentino and went the requisite video vixen route, appearing in videos with R-Kelly, Snoop Dogg and Twista, and had bit pieces in the movies Feisty Even though Fiesty just barely broke 5 feet, her presence was huge for the few episodes she was there.Big on drinking, and big on the purchased boobies, she was there to have a good time.

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