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the real facts are thoroughly laid out in “The Selling of the Babe” by Glenn Stout, a historian who has previously written “Red Sox Century” and “Yankee Century.” The deal did more than affect the long-range trajectories of the two teams involved, it may have saved baseball from the stain of the “Black Sox” scandal and provided it with the perfect slugging icon as the home-run-stingy Deadball Era was ending.” — Christian Science Monitor“Just when we thought there was nothing new to know about Babe Ruth, we find that the biggest part of his story needed retelling…time devoid of the myth and hype that has surrounded it for nearly a century — a story that provides a firm and fitting foundation for the legend…“The Selling of the Babe” instantly changes our view of accepted baseball history, and Stout does a terrific job telling the story.” — Chicago Tribune“Separating myth from truth in the most infamous trade in baseball history.The film has since been completed, enjoyed a second showing in Boston, and is currently under consideration for airing on a major cable outlet.* I have recently completed a book with a co-author, a well-known baseball figure, about his experience with PTSD – it will be available in the spring of 2017. For more, see the “About Longform page.”) Since launching under in September of 2012, multiple stories from were cited by aggregators such as,, and others as some of the best longform journalism currently being produced anywhere, in print or online.The story that emerges is far richer and more intriguing than the one we had before.The Selling of the Babe is not merely sports history at its best, it is history at its best.” – Luther Spoehr, Senior Lecturer in the Education Department at Brown University “Roger Kahn, Donald Honig and David Halberstam are some of the names on the short list for of the greatest baseball authors.

Each essay has the pace and narrative that is expected of well-crafted journalism and illuminates not only sport itself but the role it plays in the broader life of its participants.

The Best American Sports Writing 2017 will soon be in production.

For submission guidelines, see any recent edition, the “Best American Sports Writing: How to Submit” page to the right, or the Best American Sports Writing Facebook page.

Someone who is making a serious run at that distinction is Glenn Stout, who is submitting another entry to his resume with “Stout uses his considerable skills as a writer and historian to show how this event helped bring about baseball’s modern era.

His portrayal of that pivotal moment is fully engaging, taking the reader back to that exciting time.” “…

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The agent wrote “…You’ve written a first-rate proposal that needs very little work.

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