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Jane is one of the latter."), the difficulties faced by And though there's only so much to ascertain from the photos (Pete Wells did musicals in high school!

), the ads in the back of the yearbook provided a little sliver of a window into Pete Wells' culinary experiences, and left me with a lot of questions: was he a Cumberland Root Beer Drive-In guy, or more into the beefy delights of Stanley's Hamburgers?

and Pete Wells definitely might be in Pasquale Jones. , I scan the restaurant, concentrating on four- or five-tops, as I know from my research that Pete Wells will be at one of those.

PJ is an eatery on Mulberry Street in Manhattan, and its curriculum vitae suggests that it’s uniquely qualified for a Pete Wells review: open a month, packed every night, a sister restaurant to Charlie Bird, which he’s already reviewed (one star, "surprisingly erratic: tremendously likable one moment, strangely off-key the next"). I count 22 white men aged 40 to 60 sitting at tables. I excuse myself to use the restroom, and walk slowly around, making sure to glance in mirrors (tradecraft! Twelve men can be excluded right away for various reasons (build, complexion, being Chipotle CEO Steve Ells, etc.), but two require a closer look.

restaurant critic is a little bit like going into witness protection.

Sam Sifton, to his credit, was a formidable modern critic in his own right, mixing in current culture references, and writing in an entertaining style.

took notice and hired Mimi Sheraton in 1975, and she changed the game again, jumping off of Greene's more flowery, descriptive style to do longer reviews that sought to give context as well as describe all the foods she was eating.

From there, nothing worth mentioning happened again until 1993, when Ruth Reichl, who got the Enter 2003. I walk in, because Pete Wells and I need to share some coconut-braised short ribs and whole shrimp, and I’m not leaving until we do.

He wrote about "sensory-deprivation flotation tanks that promised hallucinatory experiences" for the Penn Press, taught himself how to cook, and gorged on cheap Philly eats like "pork sandwiches, olives and cheese from the Italian market, cheesesteaks from Geno's or Pat's, and soft pretzels from the Reading Terminal Market." restaurant critic Brett Anderson.

"He says smart things that you can put right on the fucking page and it would look like good writing." "Without question, those that knew Pete in his early years, knew that he'd ascend to the highest levels," says James Beard Award-winning chef John Besh, whom Pete Wells profiled in a 2003 story for as the food editor, and began writing Dining Briefs for the blog.

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Did he and his theater friends all pile into a car, blasting "Take the Long Way Home" by Supertramp as they cruised down Mendon to hit Koffee Kup, or get New England-style pizza from a Greek family at Cumberland House of Pizza?

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