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Now, if you can find a system that costs less then the proposition becomes more economical.

Insulating the ceiling/roof space is a good thing to do anyway.

All the bedrooms are upstairs and on the back wall and again have very little wall due to the chimney, French doors and large windows.

I got a quote for about 00 for retro foam in the side walls and front of the house.

By heat sources, I mean chimneys, furnace flues and recessed lights protruding through the ceiling.

I live in Michigan with cold winters and warm summers. So the question is: will I notice a difference in comfort putting retro foam in the walls if the roof is only about R-12. ) so the immediate equation becomes "is this cost less than the money I'll save over X years? It's the answer to this that will, largely, affect your decision on whether to insulate or not.Snap a couple of staples into each side of the nailing flange.Tuck a piece of fiberglass insulation between the attic ventilation baffle and the top plate. Chances are you're going to have a couple of heat sources that need special attention.It may sound stupid to say but, "it's really hard to insulate without insulation." I always buy more insulation, Great Stuff, caulk and attic ventilation baffles than I think I'll need.Not just because I hate driving to the store covered in insulation, but because I never have to get cheap or skip a few spots because I'm running out.

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Crawl back into position with a couple of baffles and a staple gun handy.

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