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Sarah Chang has been working in digital copywriting and content management for over 5 years, but her first love is telling a story.She lives in Queens, NY, with her husband and two daughters. Since there was nothing [in South Korea] like China’s Cultural Revolution, was there no repression of Western classical music, as there was in China? I think [classical] music was always something of a release.People in my grandfather’s generation grew up under the Japanese occupation [approximately 1910–1945], and my grandfather said that when he’d go to work during the occupation, release for him was coming home to the piano and listening to old vinyl.The dates and artists that will comprise the rest of the 2016 New Millennium series will be announced soon.

Sarah Chang is recognized as one of the world’s great violinists.

Chang continues to promote the benefits of musical education of children.

One heard everything, and everything was worth hearing. Sarah Chang will appear on The New Millennium Series on March 10th, 2016 at PM in the Music Recital Hall at the Sacramento State University School of Music.

Sarah Chang (born December 10, 1980) is an American violinist of Korean heritage.

She asked her parents for a violin at the age of 3 and auditioned for New York's Juilliard School at 5.

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