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but we get by and i couldn't be happier than i am with him.

and the little things of sharing each other's culture is cute too.

I like when he throws out random German phrases on instagram. I have friends who speak different languages and even though my English is pretty good, I still get frustrated sometimes when the language barrier makes it hard to say thinks exactly as I mean them, lol.

I always wonder how the language barrier works for people in an international relationship.

I knew about all of these except one-- I had no idea BMK was married to an American guy!! I really wish Big Mama was still making music :(it's always good to see couples that are interracial that aren't white and a poc, nothing wrong with that but it seems like that's the only type that gets publicized. I'm not really sure about Beenzino's gf tbh BUT that's another story.

I like the Jung Joon Ha and Nina Yagi story and the one with that BMK lady, those are really cute to me.

like he's learning about hockey for me since i'm a small town canadian kid that lives for it hahaa

as a Canadian dating a Korean man, this post makes me so so so so happy!

i've been dating a very korean guy while i've been living in seoul and it definitely has it's complications.

or i don't understand when he's at work dinners with his sunbaes and don't see why he just can't leave, but that's culture again.

and there are lots about me too that he has trouble with.

She has been living in my country for 9 now, they have a daughter and she still only speaks English!

I'm also glad he didn't allow the media to pry anymore than was necessary into their relationship or about her. My uncle married a Canadian woman about 10 years ago now?

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moved on from the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy in July 2006.

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